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My name is Brian - I have been a licensed radio amateur since 1971.
Now QRV on UHF & VHF 70 cm, & 2 Mtrs HF 80 to 10 Mtrs.SSB

Antennas - Doublet fed with 300 Ohm ribbon, for all bands 10 to 80Mtrs.  Delta loop fror 10 Mtrs to 20 Mtrs including WARC bands, fed with 450 Ohm. ribbon.  Slim Jim for 2M & 70cm (home construction from 15mm tubing). Various experimental antennas as time allows on the 50 foot pneumatic trailer mast. The best experimental HF ant. was a 14 foot per side square, worked into Iceland & the antipodes within minutes on the same beam heading.

Quite active on AO51 & other satellites, with the home made G8GMU/ B&Q sat ant.

Located in Bedworth Warwickshire U K ~ IO92FL ~ SP339 858 ~ WAB SP38 ~  +52.4709°N -1.5012°W ~ Close to junction 3 of the M6.
Height above sea level - 367.5 feet or 112 Metres

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 G8GMU (on left) with  Mayor (on right)
For several years I have hosted Bedworth Lions awareness month. Opening up my home to the public for the month in January. It is was not repeated 2010 due to other activities.
This picture is of the Mayor of Nuneaton & Bedworth Borough, Cllr. Bill Sheppard opening the 2008 event .   During the opening of the 2008 event opening Bill sent a greetings message to G0VQH Cllr. Jenny Bailley the Mayor of Cambridge. It is believed that this is the first time two English serving Mayors have spoken by amateur radio.

Photo by David Monks MBE

This event operates under the special event callsign GB4BLC.
Link to Bedworth Lions Club Home page

As is evident from above I am a keen amateur radio operator, member and Past- President of Bedworth Lions Club 2007- 2009. Bedworth Lions Club is part of Lions Clubs International, the biggest service organisation in the world.
I am a member of the Coventry Amateur Radio Society since around the age of 13, unfortunately my membership has not been continuous; also a member of The Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB).

Involved in various aspects of the civic life of Bedworth, past chairman of the Bedworth Chamber of Trade - now the Bedworth Town Centre Association. I am involved with the local council sitting on several committees & groups. As a Lions Club member I am one of the judges of the Borough in Bloom judges looking at the excellent work of the local schools in this competition. I contribute to the work of Nuneaton & Bedworth Doorway working with homeless people.

I enjoy my vintage vehicles, currently the most interesting is a Ferguson TE20, 1947 made in the first year of production of the marque. I am a member of the Heart of England Classic transport club. With the late Laurie Jahr I was co-founder of the Advanced Motorcyclists Association - becoming an advanced motorcycling examiner. I was also an RAC/ACU examiner (badge number 906) with their motorcycle training scheme. My badges are now lodged with Coventry Motor Museum, along with several of the motorcycles I rode on a regular basis.

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Amateur radio is one of the most exciting hobbies there is today. There are over one and a half million radio amateurs or "radio hams", around the world and this is an indication of its popularity. A new figure suggests an increase, with some 3 million radio hams in Japan. Since the first amateur radio experimenters at the beginning of the twentieth century, the number of people interested in the hobby has grown. A hobby as old a radio itself, but as up to date as the International space station, with more new people getting their licences as time goes by.

Amateur radio has ceased to be a minority interest particularly with digital modes that allows you get to connect your computer to your ham radio system & open up worlds only available to the licenced radio amateur. The word "Ham" as applied to the amateur radio dates back to 1908 and it was the call letters of the first amateur wireless station operated by some of the members of the Harvard University Wireless Club.
They were Albert Hyman, Bob Almy and Reggy Murray.

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